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About us

Established in 1969, FIS IMPIANTI is based in Cassina de’ Pecchi, in outskirts of Milan on an area of 10.000 sq mt, of which some 3400 for workshop and warehouse and 1200 for offices.
For more than fifty years FIS Impianti has been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing wrapping and handling systems for palletised items (with or without wooden pallet). By using plastic films the loads are fully protected during freight and stocking, both in-door and out-door.
Despite being present in many markets FIS Impianti decided to focus on the paper and tissue production: a field where protection is very important. The first machine delivered to a paper mill dates back to the early ‘80s: it was a stretching film wrapping machine for paper rolls coming from the pope and destined to converting. Since then FIS specialised in this field producing semi-automatic of fully automatic wrapping machines. Furthermore we can supply a wide range of special equipment for paper rolls handling up to the final shipping stage. In the last years FIS has also developed brand new software for improving the production line of paper and tissue, in particular, our software can recognise the product, measure it, weight, transmit the data and/or printing them on the roll. Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be glad to offer our customers our experience and flexibility for the evaluation of projects and manufacturing of special, tailor made machinery.

The management

Sergio Malnati
Founder - President
Fabio Malnati
Managing director
Marisa Luisa Milano
Monica Malnati
Purchasing Manager

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