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Browse this section to find FIS’s ancillary equipment for handling and wrapping systems.
FIS experience and flexibility is at customers’ disposal for evaluation of projects and manufacturing of special, tailor made machinery.

The scope of the double jumbo film reel is to grant a automatic wrapping of high number of pallets thanks to the improved film quantity available.

Composed of 2 x motorised rubber rollers adjustable pressure compensating arm idle rollers. T

  • The first rubber roller, in touch with film reel, is driven through speed variator coupled with the motor driving  the second rubber roller. By acting on speed variator, the speed ratio of the two rollers may be varied, thus reaching the wished  pre-stretch ratio which can be visualised on the operator display.
  • It is possible to modify the prestretch ratio by acting on speed variator.
  • The second rubber roller is driven by an AC motor with speed variation through an inverter. The inverter is controlled by relevant potentiometer controlled by a dancer. In this way the unit gives a perfect wrapping while allowing the  maximum film saving.

Manufacturing of safety devices by FIS IMPIANTI will be as follows: The machine will be enclosed by a sturdy safety net, 2mt height, safely placed away from the moving parts of the machine itself. The surrounding net is fitted with an ingate for operations/maintenance and is equipped as standard with certified safety limit switch controlled by alarms box outside the PLC. Protection against possible entrance sudden or not authorised people entry through pallet infeeding/outfeeding areas will be manufactured as follows using certified components: All emergency mushrooms buttons are controlled out from PLC by relevant certified alarm control box. All the alarm control boxes mentioned so far disconnect PLC infeedings in case of alarm.

FIS IMPIANTI provides full systems for weighing of wrapping loads; besides programs and machines for printing and appling labels with all informations referred to wrapped load according to customer’s need.

FIS Impianti Teleservice offers the customers an immediate assistance to solve urgent solutions. This is obtained through a phone connection between our offices and the machine at the customers’ premises. By this service, our technicians are able to get in touch with the machine within a very short period of time and carry out the following operations:Monitoring of working conditions. Troubleshooting Modification and reset of PLC program. Modification and/or additions to machine cycle. Modification and adjustment of inverters. The customers wishing to take advantage of Teleservice for one of the abovementioned points, gets in touch with FIS Impianti offices and explains the technician modifications or problems rose on the machine. After this phone call, our technicians gets connected to the machine PLC and operates demanded modifications. .

For different labels reading.

For different application on paper rolls.