FIS will supply the eighth and ninth tissue rolls handling and wrapping lines to Turkish tissue producer Hayat Kimya.

Hayat Kimya has followed their straight expansion plan by the installation of a new tissue machine every second year. In the last years FIS has already delivered all the seven tissue rolls handling and wrapping lines lines to Hayat Kimya’s mills in Turkey, Iran, Russia and Egypt.

The core of the line will be (likewise the other Hayat lines) the FIS wrapper Axial93 with belt and rotating arm. This high production automatic wrapper is designed to wrap both small reels coming from winder as well as 1ply mother rolls coming from the tissue machine. The line is flexible and can meets the different requirements of the mill production.

FIS is honoured and proud to supply another two lines to Hayat group and to have supplied them its best wrapping technology since Hayat’ first tissue production line:

From the next year FIS will wrap and handle annually approx. 630.000 tonnes of Hayat tissue rolls production.