Fis Impianti new line for innovative Paper Aralar non woven production

For the new innovative production line of flushable wet wipes, Papel Aralar chooses Fis Impianti for the complete roll handling and wrapping line.
The project start with a long layout analysis in conjunction with Araral head office.
The key point of Fis line is the patented wrapping machine DUAL suitable to apply in the same wrapping station both Axial ( cocoon) and Radial cycle. This wrapping method allow a very good, waterproof and reinforced protection on the new high value roll produced by Aralar.
In addition to the main wrapping machine, Fis included in its scope also a secondary wrapping machine suitable for blocking firmly the vertical roll on wooden pallet.
The Fis line start in connection with Pasaban discharging ramp and selectable stopper.
All Fis line is installed above the floor with no pit required and this is an important advantage for the customer for quick erection time and cleanness of the area.
The design of Fis wrapping machine is innovative in different points: an important characteristic of the line is the extremely flexibility in terms of wrapping cycle (Dual, only Axial, Only Radial, Radial for roll on pallet) and in terms of roll dimensions (Fis line can handle single width 180mm slices up to full length 3500mm rolls with diameter varying from 1000mm up to 1500mm).
After wrapping cycle, when still horizontally, rolls are weighed and automatic individually labeled with sophisticated tracking and data communication with Papel Aralar main production software.
An upender reverse roll in vertical position and an automatic shuttle with laser scanner transfer the rolls to the lowerator area.
Rolls are transferred at the ground floor where Aralar has foreseen the warehouse and loading truck area.
The complete roll handling and wrapping line is a fundamental equipments in the new Aralar mill able to guarantee efficiency, roll protection and work flow process from production to warehouse with minimum manual intervention.