Twister system

TwisterTM has been designed for dealing with the continually increasing range of roll dimensions and to constantly guarantee high wrapping quality with conventional roll wrapping and conveying systems. The TwisterTM technology has a future-focused and flexible wrapping concept with much lower space requirement and minimum logistics requirement, an investment with rapid return on investment. The TwisterTM technology is designed for production up to 120 rolls per hour. Rolls of widths up to 4500 mm, diameters up to 2500 mm and an individual maximum weight of 10 t can currently be wrapped with the TwisterTM. The layout of the TwisterTM can be customised according to the available space and the required production capacity, accordingly the positioning of the headers can take place in one station or in more. All solutions allow the usage of just one single wrapping paper format (ø 500 mm) and to save space as the wrapping stations are integrated in the machine.

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